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Pets, Pets,

by Joanne Anderson

If I'm frustrated, just can't imagine how discouraged these shelter cats must be. Every visit I see the same WONDERFUL adult cats at both Babylon and Oyster Bay town shelters. Kittens have upstaged them for the few precious homes available. With kitten season winding down and holiday shopping at full steam, I'd like to try a new marketing strategy- a photo CATalogdescribing a sampling of my favorite feline choices.

As an added bonus, an anonymous benefactor will reimburse shelter adoption fees if any, or all, of these CATalog cats find homes. You need only bring this column to the shelter when you do the paperwork. I, the Michael Anthony (boy, am I dating myself), will do the rest.

The Babylon Town Shelter Bunch (631-643-9270) 51 Lamar St., West Babylon:

• "Soxie" #18670 in C-9. This 5 yr. declawed tuxedo has been at the shelter the longest- since April. Her 2 declawed sisters were snatched up by a rescue group because they had proof of spay. "Soxie" is spayed too but has no vet document. Friendly cat, just doesn't like to be cornered. Who does?

• "Sweet Pea" #19056 in C-6. Sweet, but shy 2 yr. spayed tabby has had a tough life so far. Her first owner died of cancer; then the best friend took her. New landlady reneged on allowing pets as soon as furniture was moved into the apartment. "Sweet Pea" has been around other cats and rabbits. Has rabies shot.

"Faith" & "Jewel" #18820 & 18822 in C-9- the ultimate greeters. Purr-sonality plus,"Faith" is a 4 yr. spayed queensize tabby, while "Jewel" is a slim, beautifully marked 3 yr. muted calico. •"Cuddles" #19045 in the food prep room. is a 3 yr. neut. tabby- Huge- extremely tolerant of other cats and the hustle/bustle around him.

• "Pumpkin" #19048- bright orange, neut.

declawed 5 yr. old. Jumbo, makes his pal "Cuddles" look thin. Turned in because of a child's allergies.

The Pearls at Oyster Bay Town Shelter (516-677-5784) 150 Miller Pl. Syosset. Spay/ neuter, if needed, is included in the adoption:

•"Hunter" #714 in lobby showcase, gray 1 yr. tabby has been at Oyster Bay the longest 3 months. Another "allergy" victimlikes kids and cats.

• "Rocky" #952- 8 yr. declawed gray & white Big Boy in lobby exercise pensurrendered because of the exaggerated "wife is pregnant" fear. Docile fellow.

• "Pumkin" # 91- not to be confused with Pumpkin, young calico tabby stray also in a lobby ex pen. "Pumkin" likes other cats.

• "Skitsy" (aka "Shelly) #874- 4 yr. old tortie in lobby showcase was an indoor cat.

Sorry, shelter dogs, including the lovable 1-eyed Pekingese at Babylon, I promise to give you equal time next week.

Pet Photos with Santa-$10 a framed picture to benefit Last Hope, Inc.- first 3 Sat./Sun. in Dec., from 11 to 4, at PetSmart Huntington Sta. on Rt. 110- near Toys R Us- Call 631-425- 1884.

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