June 18, 2008 RSS feed / Opinion

Stillborn children deserve to be recognized with birth certificates

For the past five years a bill (A8960) has been before the New York State Government that would allow parents of stillborn babies to request and pay for a Certificate of Birth Resulting in Stillbirth. More...


The door on senior housing laws needs to be reopened

With alarming frequency, developers who have received variances from our local towns and villages, allowing them to build more senior housing units per acre than generally permitted under local codes, are now asking for relief. More...

Drilling is not the answer to energy crisis

Dear Editor: The U.S. imports over 10 million barrels of crude oil per day. ANWR's one million barrels per day would be only 10 percent of our daily imported oil and only about five percent of our total oil consumption. More...


Do you expect to spend more this holiday season than you did last year?