October 8, 2008 RSS feed / Opinion

Reader wants an energy growth candidate for president

Dear Editor: Senator John McCain is for drilling for more oil in the good old United States of America. Senator Obama is for less oil for our soon-to-be-cold homes and ice cold showers. More...


Bring fire safety to your home and family

Although the number of deaths and injuries caused by fires in the home has declined gradually over the past decades, many residential firerelated deaths could have been prevented and continue to pose a significant public health problem. More...

Our teachers in Massapequa should not bear brunt of the economic fallout

Dear Editor: The tough economic times can create a lot of fearful and anxious citizens. I know, I am also worried. But I believe we, as a community, are smarter than to simply "react" and start the blame game or attack each other. More...


Do you expect to spend more this holiday season than you did last year?