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Pets, Pets, Pets

by Joanne Anderson

Thisweek's "Pets" makes several unrelated (and somewhat "unusual") requests. I have yet to findthe pet thread that ties them together. Here goes: #1) First and foremost, hoping for a doting indoor home for a sweet 3-legged kitten. "Timothy" (named for Dickens' Tiny Tim) is an 8 week gray tabby found with severe trauma to his hind leg. He's adorable and so loving. My vets amputated his limb and padded the stump in an operation similar to the one they performed on my tripod cat "Veto" 12 years ago. (Veto is so agile that no one notices he is missing a leg, and also so clean that he has never missed the litter box.) Tripod cats do not realize they are disabled, because they really aren't. "Timothy" is being cared for by an extraordinary foster Mom. In fact one of her dogs, Lily is a 13 year old 3-legged Cocker mix, alumna of Babylon Shelter. She had surgery to remove a front leg about a dozen years ago. Take a look at the tripods snuggling together. "Timothy" is FeLV/FIV negative but will have to wait until he is a bit bigger to be neutered. He can zoom, even with his stitches. Interested in adopting this special little kitty? Please call 631-226-5571. #2) Seeking a close encounter with a psychic, the forensic kind. To confirm hunches in the Babylon Westminster Kennel Club search (see overview Beacon "Columnists' online Feb. 5, 2009), I would love to finda psychic who works with the police. We have zeroed in on two sites for the Westminster clubhouse which burned down in 1918, with stronger suspicions about one location. Thegrave of Sensation, Westminster's mascot Pointer, would be right in front of the correct spot. Before we try to get permission to do a little digging for a foundation or wine cellar, it would be great to have someone with refined senses walk the Southard sandpit and the area 250 feet north of it which coincides with the 1902/1915 Hyde atlases to determine if a clairvoyant person gets any "vibes" about social and/or canine activity at either locale a century ago. Westminster hosted many pigeon shoots with guests from far away. Thedining room held 50 people. Thekennels housed 200 dogs. Later up until the blaze, the controversial MacLevy health farm set up shop at the former Westminster clubhouse. When I started researching in 2007, my vet suggested that I contact an animal communicator in Pennsylvania that his receptionist would call to diagnose her horse over the phone. At the time, I dismissed his idea because we were looking for Sensation, not Mr. Ed. Now I am anxious for closure and a bit more open-minded. Got a suggested psychic? Please contact me at the newspapers at: acjnews@rcn.com or leave a message at the Post (516-798-5100). Thank you. #3) Calling all Chianti bottles- need more empties for the "Lady & the Tramp" candle centerpieces at the "Bella Notte" dinner at Sergio's Restaurant in Massapequa on Thurs. Sept. 3rd to benefit Last Hope Animal Rescue. (More event details see Beacon online June 18, 2009.) With movie memorabilia and our strolling classical violist (my former student), we'll be trying to recapture the mood of the Disney dogs' spaghetti and meatball date. Tickets are $45 per person, which includes full dinner, beer/wine/soda. For more information or a wine bottle recycling, please contact me at the places above. Grazie. #4) Searching for the right Gothic background for my Edgar Afghan Poe to pose in his Dracula outfit.He's slated to be "Mr. October" in the Afghan Hound Club of America 2010 calendar, and I want the perfect vampire setting. Looked at spots outside cemetery gates but that is disrespectful. Thought of putting him by a blood bank sign but the wording may be too local for a national rescue. Need the ambience of a Transylvanian castle. Gatsby's' in Islip? Anyone have another idea? #5) Last but not least, before Memorial Day I featured War Dogs of the Pacific a moving documentary by Harris Done about the Marines and their dogs during World War II. (See Beacon online May 21, 2009.) Now there is a copy of the DVD available at both Babylon and West Babylon Public Libraries. It's a wonderful tribute, well worth checking out. I have more copies to lend, if those two are inaccessible.

Below, Timothy the three-legged kitten. Below, Timothy the three-legged kitten. For Adoption at Babylon Town Shelter (643-9270) Lamar St. W. Babylon: "Sugar Daddy" in C-3 is a wonderful, young Russian Blue type cat who mysteriously turned up at a feral colony in an industrial area. The kind colony caretaker realizing he must have been a dumped pet has paid for his neutering and rabies vaccine, so this super cat is available for a $5 bargain adoption fee. "Deidre" in Cage 27 is a lovely stray Chow/Husky mix, frightened in the kennel but a Love Bug outdoors. She runs up and starts kissing you. More Cats: "Carly" calico declaw; "Lucy" gorgeous white eviction cat- both in the lobby.

Above, Timothy snuggles with Lily, 3-legged dog. Above, Timothy snuggles with Lily, 3-legged dog. Female Dogs: small Elkhound mix Cage 41; "Roxie" Collie mix Cage 43; "Hallie" Cage 38 representing the poor Pits.

Poster Pets of the Week "Deidre" Chow/Huskey Poster Pets of the Week "Deidre" Chow/Huskey Male Dogs: a new Beagle Cage 18; "O'Rourke" Golden/Chow mix Cage 20; handsome Husky mix Cage 13; "Phelps" Babylon canal swimming Retriever mix Cage 5.

"Sugar Daddy"~ Russian Blue type cat "Sugar Daddy"~ Russian Blue type cat

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