2009-09-30 / Columnists


(NU) - Pork cooked slowly in a smoky haze is a long tradition in South Carolina, which can be di­vided by barbecue regions: mus­tard based sauce in the Midlands, vinegar-based in the northeast Pee Dee area, and ketchup- and toma­to

based sauces in the Upstate. South Carolina is the only state where visitors can taste all four kinds of barbecue.

For more information on bar­becue in South Carolina, visit www.scbarbeque.com. Check out the food festival listings at www.DiscoverSouthCarolina.com and restaurant listings at www.Savor­SouthCarolina. com.

(NU) - When dining out, Amer­icans with food allergies can findrestaurant visits stressful, if not hazardous. But many restaurants now make allergen information readily available.

For example, UNO presents de­tailed health information, includ­ing notes about its gluten-free dishes, on its Web site, www.unos.com. If a restaurant doesn’t post nutrition and ingredient informa­tion online, try calling ahead to speak to a manager. Also, tell your server about your specific allergies, and ask him to communicate your needs to the kitchen.

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