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Massapeua Post, 1975

November 20th 1975 Can the “Downtown Pequa” be saved?

Can “Downtown” Massapequa be saved before blight sets in? Is there anything worth saving? How can it be done? Where does the state, town or county fit in? What do the merchants and landlords have to do to save themselves? How fast can it be done and what will it cost?

Theses were among the knotty questions that were tossed at a panel of government experts Monday evening by about 30 Massapequans who are worried about the future of the business district in the vicinity of the railroad station. Theyasked a lot of questions, “but all we got was a lot of talk,” one attendee declared.

The session was called by Assemblyman Philip B. Healey (R-C, Massapequa.) In his letter of invitation to the meeting, Healey said that “the purpose of the meeting will be to discuss the improvement and revitalization of the Downtown Massapequa area.” Local parishes to sponsor Vietnam refugee families

The Roman Catholic parishes, St. Rose of Lima and Our Lady of Lourdes, have decided to sponsor Vietnamese refugee families and attempt to have them resettle in the greater Massapequa area. The Jerry Lewis Cinema on Sunrise Highway in Massapequa

Showing a red carpet presentation of Hearts of the West, starring Jeff Bridges and Andy Griffith. Lizzis Italian Restaurant at 2982 Jerusalem Avenue, Seaford

Offering Seven Course Dinner starting at $5.50. November 27th 1975 Fishing span in wetlands draws all-out civic fight

An all-out fight against a fishing bridge that would connect Burns Park with Nassau Shores was pledged Monday night by the board of directors of the Nassau Shores Civic Association.

Also this week, Oyster Bay Town Supervisor John. W Burke reiterated his previously stated opposition to the project.

The bridge has been proposed by the Massapequa Kiwanis Club as a recreational facility that would span the Unqua River.

Pequans shine at village restoration

Thetime is around 1840. Women in long dresses and white caps and aprons move slowly around the center of the village going in and out of the general store and other little shops. Rough-hewn men with hard faces of those who work long hours in the sun lead animaldrawn carts down the main thoroughfare. No one is in a hurry. Time has stopped.

What has just been described is neither from a history book nor from someone’s recollection of their first life prior to being reincarnated as a Long Island suburbanite.

Massapequa plays a large part in the inner workings of this fascinating piece of history.

Fashions For You on 24 Broadway

From Sportswear to Bridal Fashions; Bridal Gowns includes matching veils $138. December 4th 1975 Flashing lights, sign set for Parkside corner

The Nassau County Department of Public Works announced this week that two flashing lights and a left turn arrow sign are being installed at the northmost point of Parkside Blvd. where it intersects with Jerusalem Avenue.

County to host dance contest

The Nassau County Department of Recreation for the handicapped will host a festive “Nostalgic Holiday Party” featuring a Gay Nineties Revue and several dance contests on Friday, December 12th from 7:30 to 11 PM in the Grand Ballroom of the East Terrace at Nassau Beach Park, Lido.



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