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Hearing set on proposed law for accessory apartments

By Carolyn James

On March 8, the Amityville Village Board will hold a public hearing to outline its proposed law for accessory apartments in single family homes. Thenew code will be designed, said Mayor Peter T. Imbert, to make it more difficult to get approval for these units, and to give the Village more control over them.

The Village changed its code last year eliminating the special exception permit for non-owner occupied two-family homes and requiring, instead, that these property owners be required to apply for the stricter and more difficult use variance. The new code addresses the question of accessory apartments in owner occupied single-family homes. It will require that owners apply for a special exception, as well as an area variance with stricter requirements than are currently in place for single-family homes. Additionally, approvals will require that the second living unit be for family members only.

The Village Board made a determination within the past year that it wanted to tighten up on its accessory apartment code and received comments from residents who said they wanted to see the Village continue to be maintained primarily as a single-family community. The mayor and trustees had numerous discussions on the issue, and reached a consensus on how they wanted it to be addressed. Kennedy is writing the new code, and it should be available to the public this week.

TheVillage Board will take questions and input from the public at the hearing, which begins at 8 p.m. After that it will review the code, make any changes, if necessary, and then approve it. Themeeting is at 8 p.m.

Go online:, to see video of Village attorney explaining the proposed changes.

In other business:

•The board approved use of the South Municipal Parking Field opposite First Methodist Church on Sat., April 10, by the Amityville Woman’s Club. Members of that club want to park their vehicles there, before boarding a bus for a trip.

• The Mayor's Social is March 7, at Hunter Squires Jackson Post. The event is sponsored by the Kiwanis and begins at 3 p.m. Thetheme this year is “A Taste of Amityville.”

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