2010-09-29 / Front Page

Krish's to host a night at Hell's Kitchen

Contestant Robert McCue of Massapequa on tap for show, conversation and autographs

Robert McCue of Massapequa, who is among the aspiring chefs on the 8th season of Hell’s Kitchen on FOX will be hosting a ‘viewing” part at his brother’s famous Massapequa restaurant Krisch’s Wednesday night, 8 - 10 p.m. Those attending will be able to see the show, talk to Robert and get his autograph.
McCue is among 16 restaurateurs to step up to the plate for a piping-hot season. These culinary contenders will brave the sharp tongue of star chef Gordon Ramsay as they compete to win a life-changing prize, a head chef position at L.A. Market.
Robert and his brother Steve McCue of Krisch’s in Massapequa, was raised on Ontario Avenue and graduated from Plainedge High School. Krisch’s is at 11

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