2011-03-23 / Front Page

Police investigate abandoned backpack along Park Boulevard, Massapequa


Posted Sat., March 26-A strange backpack left unattended in front of a store on Park Boulevard in Massapequa Park, generated significant police activity early this evening. Stores offices along the street were evacuated as the Nassau County Police Bomb Squad responded to investigate.
At 7:30 p.m., police were winding up their operation and Nassau County Public Information said details were not immediately available. They indicated at that time, however, that the incident seems to have been resolved with no criminal activity involved.
Mayor James Altadonna, reached by phone, said he was in touch with the police who, along with others, were keeping him posted on the incident.
“I really don’t have any more details because the police investigation is apparently still underway,” said Altadonna.
One employee of a local business along Park Boulevard said the street was closed and that people were evacuated by police to ensure their safety during the investigation.

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