2011-10-12 / Columnists

Hot Laps

By Mike Perricone

This week’s column will feature the “First Annual Perricone’s Pit Awards” for the 2011 Riverhead Raceway Season.

Hard-Luck Driver-Modified: Kenny Darch. Week after week, the meticulously-prepared yellow 03 was the best-looking mount off the trailer, yet a combination of mechanical gremlins and a penchant for finding the wall doomed his season.

Most Consistent Driver Without A Title, Figure 8: Tom Fararra. He racked up wins, some at the expense of teammate Mike Mujsce, but wasn’t able to catch Arne Pedersen for the title.

Keeping It In The Family Award: The Pedersens. 2011 Figure 8 Champ Arne took the title from previous winner, younger brother Scott.

Who Won’t Be Exchanging Christmas Cards This Year: The Solomitos and the The Hardest-working Crews. All the crews work hard, but the Fort- ins and the Solomitos prepared three modifieds a week when they were at full strength. The Fortins did so all year, while the Solomito’s dealt with injury and other issues in 2011.

The Best Grub Award: The Solomito Pit and the Chris Young Pit. Thanks to them for the hospitality shown to my lady and me.

Family Not Named Cromarty Who Owned Riverhead Raceway: Turbush. This is self-explanatory to anyone who observed the weekly action.

From The Pits: Congratulations to all the division champions…This column will appear periodically to update you on driver plans for 2012. I can’t wait for the 2012 Riverhead Raceway Season.

Readers can reach Mike Perricone at stats203@aol.com

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