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How're you doin?

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Joe Guidice and his "snow machine"Joe Guidice and his "snow machine"Looks like Kermit is barely holding on following the Blizzard of 2013. How are you doing? Send us your photos and stories and we will share them  here. Send items to us at:
...and please include a name and telephone number (for verifications purposes only.)
Stay warm and safe out there!

Report from Thomas Humprey: "Snow was a foot deep in Amityville at 6 a.m. today."

Report from Marie Broderick, former Amityville resident, now in Middle Island:" It was very deep but beautiful.  Glad it's Saturday."Thomas HumphreyThomas Humphrey

Report from Massapequa Park Village Mayor James Altadonna: Now power outages. Things going well; all streets clear. Should have it all wrapped up by tonight. Anyone who has any problems can call Village Hall at 798-0244, or me, I am in the book.”

Report from Cifarelli family, Massapequa Park: Waking up on a Saturday morning to more than a foot of snow was a special treat to the Cifarelli family of Massapequa Park. Shown in photo is  Danielle Cifarelli, 5-years-old getting ready to have fun in the snow.

Report from Barbara and Joe Guidice, Amityville: While other neighbors are using their snow blowers today, Joe is using "The Wovel", what we'll call a manual snowthrower.  It works just as well, if not better than the typical snowblower and makes much less noise!  All you need is some upper body strength for this snow-thrower.  Hope you enjoy this.


Photo by Barbara KellyPhoto by Barbara Kelly Nemo makes land on Long Island.

Cameron ZampolinCameron Zampolin There was still plenty of time—and snow—for fun on Sunday after Nemo dropped 18" of snow in Massapequa Cameron Zampolin is shown with her snowboard and a smile at his home in Massapequa. Photo by Lisa Zampolin.


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