2013-04-10 / Front Page

Threat called in to Unqua School

Officials and police evacuate building
by Nick Hill

At approximately 10 a.m. today, Unqua Elementary school in Massapequa Park  received a threat from an anonymous phone caller.  According to Nina Zash, the district clerk, the threat resulted in an evacuation of the school by staff and students.

 "The police are present, but right now they are just following standard protocol," said Zash. 

When asked if the police had found anything suspicious she stated, "We don't have any further information as of yet, except that the staff and students will be transported over to Berner Middle School for the time being."  

Zash  added that the students would not be released early, but if it became necessary to do so, all parents would be notified immediately.  
When contacted, the Nassau County Police declined to comment on the incident.

Watch the Massapequa Post for more details as this story unfolds.

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