2013-09-25 / Opinion


Lock out car break-ins

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Catholic & Christians Are All

Catholic & Christians Are All Not in the Same Belief Arena! I am a Catholic and believe abortion is wrong, birth control is an individual choice, homosexuals should not be joined under the term marriage and I believe in capital punishment. Not all in line with the Catholic Church doctrines. I believe it is not a Catholic person's or the Roman Catholic Church's place to tell others what to do or not to do. Atheists, agonistics, Protestant Christians, Evangelicals, Jews, Buddhists, Muslims, etc. must make up their own decision based on their religious doctrine. As an American the right to choose your own destiny, as long as you do not hurt or interfere with others, is your right. However, I do not have to pay for others service(s)- birth control or abortion. Marriage is a religious term from religious law brought into civil law, so I was told in law school & criminal justice studies. Therefore unions between homosexuals should be civil unions not marriages. I have nothing against homosexuals as people or their happiness but I also not believe homosexuality is inherited or genetic. It is a personal choice in my mind. I don't think religious organizations should be forced to perform same sex unions or should any deeply religious person feel obligated to pay for medical plans that include abortions, sex changes procedures or operations or birth control instruments, pills (before or after)or procedures. Take out a personal savings plans and save your own money with no matching or proportionate contribution from others. As for capital punishment all violent crime convictions with life terms should be put to death. Why? I do not want to pay 3 hots, a cot, free medical and dental care, maybe even free educational services, for someone who will never reform as designated by the courts. As a matter of fact 3x losers also should be in line for capital punishment because the same disrespect for other humans. It is the many people who expect others to fill their voids, pick up their slack and production who should suffer. Also no matter the religious doctrine it is an individuals duty to settle their choice between them and their maker when the time comes but don't force their decision on others.

The Government Shut Down by

The Government Shut Down by Henry Teja You are correct the polls do not show the real story. HURRAY-HURRAY!!! I support a US government shut down. Why? Several reasons come to mind. First, they cannot spend our tax dollars faster than we can earn them. I, like most Americans do not mind paying for something as long as we get value for our money. Tax dollars should be collected and spent with that same idea in mind. It is our money & we should have say in how it is spent. Congress & the Executive branch spend our tax dollars, that included past administrations, frivolously and without pause. There only 21 duties of the federal government according to our Constitution. That means there are very few areas Congress & the Executive branch can spend tax dollars. Second, most people do not realize that the US government shuts down almost 50% every weekend (Sat & Sun)& holidays. The proof of that try to contact any federal agency after hours, even weekdays for some agencies. Only essential personnel in some of the DOS, DOD, DOC, DOT, DO Tres. for on going operational duties, national & local security & the military are on duty. Thirdly Congress & the Secretarial Agencies mismanage money and resources all the time. An example of this is Congress & the DOT & their distribution of funds for infrastructure repair or replacement. They constantly repair the same infrastructure points almost every other year. What they should do is split the country into 6-8 zones, pick 5 major projects in each zone for replacement, send out bids to all qualified companies union & nonunion, pick the company with the best plan (superior materials, past track records, etc.), best guarantee, fastest reasonable completion date of completion. As with the 1989 earthquake in California, offer a bonus for a soon completion date while still maintaining above average specifications on the specific project. The system they use now is a power struggle for competing Congressional districts & some infrastructure projects never get touch except for a Band-Aid which never resolves the issue for that structure. Most social programs and entitlements are unconstitutionally funded even though they have been past as law. These spending areas must cease. They are a state's issue that should be funded with state funds and individual responsibilities (earn as you learn & no free handouts) and only 1 year of benefits. There are issues over treaties and payments for treaties. Example, the Indian Nation's Treaties; we pay and support special programs for native Americans (Indians)yet they never gain educational or economic gain except for a few. Those few control vast sum of wealth on Indian Nation lands. Since they are a separate nation within a nation and have discover wealth on these lands they support themselves without US federal assistance. Foreign assistance payouts are another. I could make these lists go on and on. The fact of the matter according to our Constitution IT IS NOT A US FEDERAL OBLIGATION! It is the states', the private non-profit sectors' and individuals' responsibilities.


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