2013-10-09 / Opinion

King’s stand: tough but right


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The Washington Debacle By

The Washington Debacle By Henry Teja It is not just about Obamacare the program, but what other restrictions on our American freedoms that are hidden within this law passed by Congress. It is about what has happened to the American Dream over bad legislation, phony politics and VOODOO economics that the federal government & Congress has been allowed to practice since the turn of the 1900’s. The passed 21 years have brought the American people from under a $3T deficit to $17T and rising. This also does not include the combine debt of Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac of another $6.4T and the $120-140T in unfunded liabilities from entitlements such as Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid or the nearly $90T of all the combine states. The CBO estimates the national debt will reach $26T by 2026. Of course the CBO has never been accurate since their inception in 1975, another President Nixon foul up. I don’t care if you are Democrat, Republican, Libertarian or Independent your government fiscally has failed the American public, especially the federal and state levels, except for four states. Those states are Alaska (real surplus - oil), Arkansas (real surplus – oil & natural gas), Montana (no deficit - mainly due to less than 1M population) & North Dakota (no deficit - due to increase in sales of agriculture & energy commodities). Congressman King is liked by many in his district, the 2nd District of NY. However I think he is wrong on this one, not because Conservative verses Moderate GOP members. President Obama is an unengaged leader. He has not talked or led on any national issue since he was elected. He has not talked or negotiated with Democrats as well as Republicans; he has only been on a perpetual campaign flying around the country and the world but not taking care of business here in America. These are no my words but the words of his own party members. He feels above mundane actions like leading from the front, laying out ideas and accepting viable ideas from others. Some GOP member just felt they needed to take some drastic actions to wake the American public to see the real mess we are in as a country. So a government shut & threat the debt ceiling would not be raised was a tool. First the government partially shuts down every weekend and every holiday, between 8-11.5% pending the world wide situation. Another 5-7% does not make it the end of the world, because only 17% of the government actually shut down. As for the debt ceiling not being raised, the government takes in $240B, even in this stalled economy, every month and the interest on our present debt to foreign entities and other is only about $20B a month. That would mean the US federal government would have to choose & pick priorities to fund programs after the military, federal law enforcement and other key essential functions of the federal government. Social Security & Medicare basically fund themselves, at least until 2020 & 2040 at present. Many other federal agencies & personnel would have to go and that is a good thing just like the private sector does to stay viable and profitable. Self reliance and responsibility for both states and individuals would have to kick in just like it was from the 1930’s to early 1960’s. Once the US federal government is drastically shrunk, the feeling of entitlement is changed, then and only then Congress, the Executive branch and the political parties will have to realize they must work together. They would have to go back and actually follow the US Constitution which has not been followed really since the turn of the 20th century.


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