2014-02-12 / Opinion

Creating a new symbol of love over the years

by Christine Vanderberg

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Dear Editor: This is in

Dear Editor: This is in response to Jim Ahl's response to James R. Donald's letter regarding "Fair Tax" in the Jan 23rd edition of the paper. First let me begin I do not believe either a straight "Fair or Flat" system will suffice our, the US's, present economic or tax environment as individual tax reform. There need to be a hybrid system to address several key facts about our economy. Second Mr. Ahl's assessment about the "Fair Tax" is incorrect & shows he has never read the actual proposal or the system described by Neal Boortz, John Linder or the several Congressmen and Senators who back this tax reform idea. First off there are between 23-33 hidden taxes in every goods & service taxed in the US today, not including foreign made taxed products or services, in most states. New York has 31 hidden taxes, of which 2/3, just federal, would disappear, bringing down the cost of good & services. Secondly, it would require a 75% passage of Congress, the House & the Senate, to increase such a tax. There is also a recourse for states to object to any increase, especially those states that have no sales taxes, limited of course. Fourthly it capture about $1T dollars in hidden or underground purchases by illegal or under the table trade, rich or poor and everything in between. Next the states get .5% (this is a percentage base on the rate several experts feel is fair under a hybrid system) from the federal government for collecting such taxes with the possibility to decrease present escalation of taxation within the state. All stock, bonds and commodity transactions are excluded from this fair tax system. However home purchases are not and should not be excluded. Lastly, there is a formula for all those earning under a specific income level to be rebated or given a debit card to eliminate a large percentage of the burden. This system also forces the very wealthy to pay more for the luxury class product purchases which middle & lower income persons don't purchase. So it is fair and does not focus on class warfare just those who pay taxes and those who don't. A hybrid Flat/Fair Tax system is best. A 17% flat tax after 15 years of mortgage taxes, charitable donations, a percentage of healthcare cost & education costs are deducted which should net down to about 11-12% federal taxes for everyone, no exceptions as our US Constitution requires. A 4-5% fair tax which would be used for: 1) 2% to pay down national debt, 2).05% to the states for collection, 3) another .05% for state Medicaid and 4) the balance to go only towards social programs for the needy that cannot provide for themselves due to physical or mental deficiencies, not based on economics alone. The other portions of the tax codes, especially the corporate rate must also be reformed in order for the whole system to work. Remember there are three side to every story, the two special interest sides, pro and con for their own individual reasons and not for the good of all, and the truth.


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