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Laura Maier of Dairy Queen was recognized for her “random act of kindness.”

Laura Maier of Dairy Queen was recognized for her “random act of kindness.”

Several months ago, I watched a local business woman at the end of a long Chamber festival order pizza for the entire cleanup crew. She didn’t have to do this, but as the pizza arrived and that great pizza smell started to fill the room, smiles started to come to the faces of those very tired Chamber volunteers.

It was then that I realized the tremendous impact of a single, random act of kindness on mankind!

I wanted to recognize this businesswoman, Laura Maier from Dairy Queen, (who also serves as an Oyster Bay Council woman), for that simple act of kindness and started the Random Act of Kindness Award.

The award consists of a small certificate, the recognition of your good deed in public and probably the most important part is one week of prayer, for the recipient, from the parishioners at Centerpoint Church in Massapequa. No matter where we are in life or who we are, we all can benefit from a week of prayer.

So far, I have awarded three people the Random Act of Kindness Award, and I know there are people out in our communities that are quietly committing “Random Act of Kindness.” I’m deputizing every reader of the Massapequa Post to nominate an individual or groups who are deserving of this award.

To be nominated, the person or group can’t benefit from their actions. The nominee’s act should show that they are more concerned with the needs of others than their own. Send your nomination to me in C/O Massapequa Post, Babylon Beacon or Amityville Record newspaper, 85 Broadway, Suite A, Amityville, NY 11701.

My hope is that these little Random Acts of Kindness become contagious; will you help?

Stay tuned for the next recipient of the Random Act of Kindness Award.

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